LoveBirds Sweets


DeniseEven in childhood, Denise’s penchant for structure and creativity was evident. This unique combination is the underpinning of a great baker which is evident in Denise’s cakes and pastries. The desire to be at the top of her craft lead Denise to the French Culinary Institute in New York City where she trained under today’s best and most respected pastry chefs. It is clear that the beautiful sugar work Denise creates came from her time spent with Ron-Ben Israel, the well-known master confectioner referred to by the New York Times as the “wedding cake master”. Denise graduated with Honors receiving a Grand Diplôme in Classic Pastry Arts. Denise’s beautiful designs would be just that if it were not for her time spent with Chef Bill Yosses, currently the executive pastry chef at the White House, whose work stressed that the most beautiful creations can also be the most delicious. Always the perfectionist, Denise has continued to hone her skills. Denise’s artistry in designing memorable creations was molded under the tutelage of James Rosselle, the only Food Network contestant to claim a “hat trick” winning three cake design contest titles in a row.

Life is about finding your bliss and spreading your wings. LoveBirds Sweets is where Denise’s passion for baking can soar and where your dreams truly are delicious!